Rp 2.700.000,00
Kode Produk
5 Kg
330(W) x 360(D) x 188(H) mm

Deskripsi CASIO SE-S10

Model No.
No. of departments
No. of PLUs
Memory backup
Backup method

AA size manganese battery x 2*

* Batteries are not included with this unit

Backup period
Approx. 1 year
Operator and customer
7-segment 8-digit LED
14-segment 1-digit LED
1-station 24-column thermal printer
Power source
Official (nominal) voltage and frequency
Power consumption
120v, 0.2A / 230v, 0.13A
Paper width
58mm +0/-1mm Max 80Φ
Operating temperature
0 to 40°C
10% - 90%RH
With small drawer
330(W) x 360(D) x 188(H) mm
With medium drawer
410(W) x 450(D) x 205(H) mm
Approx. 4kg with small drawer, 7.5 kg with medium-size drawer

Thermal printer with 58mm wide paper

HELP key

Drop-in paper loading mechanism

Rear display for customer viewing

Antimicrobial keyboard (SIAA ISO22196)

Environmental design and eco-product specifications*1 *2

*1 Volume reduced to 20% of conventional models

*2 Post-consumer content Cash register: 30%, Packaging material: 80% (medium-size drawer model)

Highlighted Features

ISO 22196-conformant antimicrobial keyboard

Easy time and date setup

Flashing digits for time and date setting input when needed.

Helpful keys


The PAPER SAVING key is to save printing paper (journal compressed printing / no receipt issuance). When the paper saving feature is used, an asterisk appears on the operator display.


Receipts can be issued after transaction finalization when the register is configured to print receipts and the paper saving mode is selected.


The HELP key is used for issuing assistance notes for frequently asked questions such as how to program date and time or how to install paper.

Drop-in paper loading

Powerful department functions

The SE-S10 features 20 departments with five keys by 4 shifts. Each department can be programmed with up to 8 characters.

Support for up to eight cashiers

Simple character setup

Characters can be easily entered from the 10-key keypad to set the department name and PLU. For ease of operation, a 14-segment LED displays the last entered character. 200 pre-programmed product/category names facilitate programming.

Rear display

A built-in rear display allows customers to easily confirm sales transactions.

500 PLUs

Unit prices of 500 items can be programmed using up to 8 characters per item.

Up to five lines for a store message on receipts

When you select a printer in RECEIPT printer mode, you can program 24 characters x 5 lines of text, such as the store name, to appear at the top of receipts.

Calculator mode

The calculator mode converts the SE-S10 for use as a calculator. Simply turn the MODE switch to “CAL.”

Electronic journal

The electronic journal function captures registered transactions in memory for printing when needed.

Other Features

Journal or receipt printing selection

Received on account/Paid-out functions

Error correction

Refund mode for recording returned goods

Percentage and discount amount

Non-sales and non-add code entry

Battery backup for memory protection*

Lockable cash drawer

Multipurpose tray as standard feature

* Batteries are not included with this unit

Selection of Models

  • Model with small drawer(5 coin and 3 note compartments)

  • Model with medium-size drawer(8 coin and 4 note compartments)Models vary by country.

Variety of Sales Reports

General control Z (reset) report

Periodic Z (reset) report

Financial X (read) report

PLU Z (reset) report